U.S. Senate candidate Andrew Takami issued the following statement to on Congressman Luke Messer entry into the U.S. Senate race and also shared what he believes Hoosiers expect from all hopefuls:

“Our U.S. Senate race for Indiana has welcomed another candidate, Luke Messer. As the race intensifies, it becomes more important to take action on what will move us forward and away from the back-and-forth that politics has become. My goal is to change the status quo and set a new tone.

“Across Indiana, I’ve heard what matters the most to people – not only for themselves, but for the greater good. I’m committed to making the change Hoosiers want to see, to serve with integrity, and put our people first. As a U.S. Senator, my priorities will always center around public service and achieving results, for the right reasons.

“I’m optimistic we’ll continue to work towards a better path, focusing on real solutions for Indiana. It’s time to take Action Together!”

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