Policy Positions – Indiana Seat, United States Senate

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April 11, 2017


Terrorism & National Defense: Maintaining a strong position towards fighting terrorism is very important for our nation, identifying the issues and our potential risks. While there is a great need for our law enforcement to have any and all tools available to them, it is also important the privacy of Americans are not overlooked in the name of safety.

A strong military with true partners around the world will aid our nation towards achieving our goals towards fighting terrorism. Andrew supports increased funding for national defense. He believes Hoosiers know how vital it is for us to defeat terrorism abroad as a strategy towards protecting our homeland.

Like other Hoosiers, Andrew has observed many acts of terror within the United States and around the world. September 11, 2001, changed many things. Among them is our nation’s continual need to remain vigilant, leading the fight against terrorism. A strong military is vitally important.


Immigration: Supporting our nation’s long-standing tradition of integrating immigrants into the United States is important. It is also important – in a changing world – to guard against those who may wish to come to America to do us harm. Our immigration practices can be reviewed, but Andrew believes we should continue to have high standards for entry.

With respect to the large number of undocumented immigrants living in the United States, Andrew believes supporting some naturalization options are wise; like we currently do, allowing undocumented individuals to have tax identification numbers in order for them to pay income taxes. Andrew believes there are ways to integrate undocumented immigrants into our country vs. them continuing to live in fear and oppression, a dynamic of their concern due to deportation.

Andrew does support more southern boarder protection for the United States, including building a wall.


Health Care: Repealing and replacing Obamacare, the American Affordable Care Act, is a real positive. At the time of passage, there was talk of everyone having a choice with his or her respective health care plans, just as the legislation was rammed through Congress. Many people are still resentful over it. And, now, the law is not working as advertised.

It is important for conservatives to be unified over a new health care replacement law. Recently, of course, Congress was unsuccessful agreeing on an alternative law. In due time, as Obamacare continues to implode, conservatives will have to lead towards passing a better health care law for all.


Foreign Policy: Diplomacy is a very important element missing from Washington. It is very much needed when dealing with foreign policy. Some in Washington are skilled in foreign policy matters, but more can be done to support relationships between nations – as long as we understand history and guard against potential hazards.

Some foreign leaders are having difficulty relating with President Trump. We need to continue reaching out to ensure our nation continues to have key relationships around the world.

We need to continue influencing policy in the world’s hotspots, including with the ongoing situation between Israel and Palestine. Andrew is a strong supporter of Israel, the sole real democracy in the Middle East.

Diplomacy will continue to be key, as well as – on the reverse side – peace through strength; Ronald Reagan was correct with his perspective regarding defense. An important dynamic: when America is strong and safe, America is more respected and powerful around the world.


Economy & New Technologies: Creating jobs is not the role of government. The role of government is to create an environment where commerce can occur unfettered. The role of government is to contribute towards positive outcomes – towards business success and positive job growth.

Andrew supports working towards a stronger economy and would do all within his authority to help attract companies to Indiana, as well as work to keep existing businesses within our state. Andrew believes we should extend incentive packages, if possible, to those who have called Indiana home for years. He also believes we need to pursue new technologies to make Indiana businesses more sustainable and efficient. We want to grow business and commerce in Indiana.

As with everything, there are some economic factors that can be addressed at the state level and others at the federal level only. It is important to understand and embrace the differences.


Foreign Trade: Commerce around the world is good business for all, giving consumers an opportunity to make purchases anywhere they choose and companies the chance to compete in the global market.

Trade should be fair across the board, including for the United States. Andrew supports fair trade for the United States.


Education: Students should be able to access a quality education at a reasonable cost. There are real issues surrounding costs, particularly at the post-secondary degree level. Costs have continued to climb over time.

Andrew believes in everyone having an opportunity to access any and all types of educational opportunities, recognizing one size does not fit all. It is important for everyone to have some type of educational credential.

With respect to financial aid, Andrew believes we must find solutions to assist those with college loan debt.


Climate Change & Environment: Being a good steward of what God has given us is a very important responsibility. We must be mindful of the world around us, but also be careful to not enact regulations that would do little more than cause economic hardships. There is a fine balance.

Andrew believes in American responsibility towards the sustainability of what we have on earth – for generations to come.


Civility & Working Together: Civility in our politics has been lost. It is unfortunate since it used to be celebrated to disagree respectfully. Today, each political side is polarized beyond what we have witnessed in recent years. Andrew believes there are opportunities to bring both sides together and, also, that many people want to change the tone in Washington.

We must send a message of inclusivity and be reminded we are all Americans. This dynamic is important. Andrew believes Hoosiers agree and support the idea of Washington working together.


Law & Order: As a nation, we must support our law enforcement officers in order for them to keep our citizens safe. It is important we do not incite factions and encourage dissent. We must allow our police to do their jobs, giving them the tools they need to be successful. Our recent history, as a nation, has not been positive towards support for those within law enforcement.


Infrastructure: There is some movement to invest in new infrastructure within the United States. Andrew supports this, as he believes much work should be done. Investing in our cities would not only give Americans work, but it would also be good for our nation on many other levels.


Tax Reform: Simplifying the tax code is something of great importance to Hoosiers and to Americans. Andrew believes it is critical for us to consider a multitude of ways to accomplish this, which would reduce the burden for all.

Andrew believes philanthropy is an important dynamic in America today, which should be encouraged to expand greater through our tax laws.