Policy Priorities 



We see strengthening markets due to de-regulations of multiple industries. We must continue to incentivize entrepreneurship and innovation with pro-business statutes and remove expensive, unnecessary regulations that manufacture our market.



Accessible healthcare is of primary importance, but full-time employment is necessary for our economy to thrive. We need truly affordable healthcare that does not burden employers. The disastrous result of the Obamacare (ACA) is that many large employers hire with premiums in mind while so many Americans can’t afford their own deductibles. We must repeal Obamacare mandates and open insurance competition across state lines for lower prices.



Life is an inalienable right. If we fail to defend this right, then we have lost grounds for upholding any major premise for our freedoms as recognized in our Constitution. Family was, and still is, the primary fixture for a successful American future. Abortion centers are an attack on life and the family, and they need defunded and eliminated. We must never stop fighting for the unborn who can’t advocate for themselves!



Our Constitution speaks to the “intents and purposes” of government through the lense of good citizenship. Originally, the presidency was not limited by terms, but rather by sacrifice to serve our nation for the sake of justice, peace, security, happiness, and freedom. As government has grown, term-limits were imposed to uphold the intent of a serving class in the executive branch. We now see the need to uphold this intent in our legislative branch. This is most quickly accomplished by responsible officeholders self-imposing limits until we have successfully removed unwilling legislators from their offices. I commit to no more than 12 years in Congress (House or Senate). Public service should be much more like jury duty than a ruling class.


2nd Amendment

The ability to bear a firearm is a right that comes with responsibility. Not only is this a protected right within our Bill of Rights, but it’s also important that we look at this right through the lense of responsible citizenship. Our founders knew the wisdom of including this right for the good of our ongoing security, defense, and liberty. With responsibility, we can exercise this right without apology.



“Career-ready” is the key for our higher education system as we lead with innovation. Not everyone needs to earn a bachelor’s degree from a four-year liberal arts university. There are many advanced manufacturing, trade, and labor positions that will need filled with properly trained people. Many outstanding student loans continue to stagnate our economic future. We need to stop marketing degrees as a simple commodity, and instead, we need to encourage appropriate education and workforce development through affordable means for the success of all people in the state of Indiana.


Taxes and Debt

Government spending is out of control. Our federal legislators have spent more than $650 billion over budget for 2017. The continued strength of our economy has been built by hard-working Americans who are responsible taxpayers. It’s time for public servants to take office who are responsible tax-spenders. We need to simplify our tax code with incentives for businesses to prosper while pushing funds back to the state level where spending is more accountable.


National Security

Our sustainability as a nation is guided by moral security, economic security, and military security. We must strive to maintain setting the global standard for all three. This begins by protecting ourselves with strong and secured borders, a commitment to international enterprise, and strong servant leadership. We must maintain the right resources and leverage to allow Americans these measures. This means we must maintain funding for our veteran programs and those on active duty.



As a sovereign country, it is imperative that we maintain a strong control over our right to security within our borders. This means that we must enforce the rule of law, and that illegal immigrants must follow all procedures any other immigrant would have to follow in order to gain legal admittance to our country. Strong border security and enforcing the current laws on the books regarding immigration are key to keeping illegal immigrants out while allowing legal immigrants who follow the rules and procedures to immigrate with ease.

-Andrew Takami for U.S. Senate