Dear Hoosiers,
Thank you for your thoughtful feedback and support as I travel the state. It’s clear we’re like-minded, and for good reason. The climate is right for initiating limited government that empowers local communities.
The word “conservative” may be a description to some, but it’s a noun to us. It’s an identity for our responsibility. It’s the reason we hold the Constitution so dear. It’s the reason why we inherently fight a creeping establishment. And if it’s overreaching now, imagine if we do nothing.
It’s time to deliver a message as clear as ever before: we’re done chancing our opportunity for real change while the door is wide open. It’s time for the right people, those who are willing to serve, to do some good now. We need the full weight of our Hoosier values carried forward in Washington to ensure us smaller government. Anything less is unacceptable.
Let’s repeal Obamacare. And let’s responsibly cut taxes and redirect spending because policies are made to serve people, not the other way around. If they’re failing to reward hardworking Americans, then it’s time to get rid of them!
We can lead with Hoosier initiative to serve our neighbor, one American to another. I appreciate your continued commitment as we keep battling the status quo together. Let’s take our Hoosier strength to Washington’s doorstep and remind Americans what a conservative looks like.
Every $25.00 contribution helps send this message to 500 more Hoosiers!

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