Hoosiers, Here Is What You Need to Know!

Dear Hoosiers,

My name is Andrew Takami, and I’m running for the U.S. Senate to serve Indiana in Washington. There are many reasons that express why we can’t keep our same establishment Republicans fighting for Joe Donnelly’s establishment seat, but I want to break down why I know it’s my time to serve.

Here’s what I believe…

Christ is Lord. America is blessed. Service requires humility. Our families are of utmost importance. Americans are our primary responsibility. Hard-work and innovation is the backbone of our economy. All life is a right, and precious before God. The Constitution is a privileged and costly explanation of our citizens’ inherent freedom.

We’re in a very time-sensitive window as it comes to our nation’s trajectory forward. We have several bureaucrats holding on and hoping that this window closes by 2020. I’m motivated just the opposite. My job is to take these Hoosier conservative values straight to the Capitol. While others are hoping for an “upgrade” in their careers, it’s time to approach our governing body with service and courage.

This is not the vain pursuit of an honorable office to merely talk about change. This is me stepping away from the director position at Purdue University in Southeast Indiana to take action for the future of all Hoosiers who work toward entrepreneurship and beyond. This is me taking action for career-ready education and pro-business tax policy. This is me taking action for maintaining our position of power within American foreign policy. This is me taking action to replace our broken healthcare system. This is me taking action with our time-tested values that will lead future generations forward.

The same way that no one called me to let me know it’s my time to run for this position, no one will need to let me know when it’s time for me to step down. I’ll do both with humility. It’s time to remind ourselves of the “intents and purposes” that reside in our Constitution, and we’re in a fitting position to reaffirm this foundation.

Hoosiers across Indiana are hurting; I hear from so many as I travel. People keep telling me that they need me to be strong and stand for them. They know it’s not the establishment Republicans that somehow will cause Joe Donnelly to look that much different from them. And they say Joe must go. They’re right!

I ask you to consider aiding me in declaring this message to our fellow Hoosiers. Victory will require participation much earlier than historical races to achieve the result for which we’re aiming. Please stand with me as we take action for one another across Indiana. Let’s take action together to stand, serve, fight, and win.

In humble service,


Andrew B. Takami
Andrew Takami for U.S. Senate


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