January 3, 2018

So Much Ahead for 2018

Dear Hoosiers, It’s been a great year connecting with so many good people around our state. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many determined and creative leaders in our workforce. I want to see Indiana flourish across the board. There is some added excitement with tax reform now at play and still so much we need to accomplish …

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November 2, 2017

Hoosiers, We Know Conservative!

Dear Hoosiers, Thank you for your thoughtful feedback and support as I travel the state. It's clear we're like-minded, and for good reason. The climate is right for initiating limited government that empowers local communities. The word "conservative" may be a description to some, but it's a noun to us. It's an identity for our responsibility. It's the reason we [...] Continue reading
September 29, 2017

Takami Stands For The Flag

Over the past week, I’ve heard a lot about our rights. We need only one reason to stand for our flag. It’s patriotism. Patriotism is understanding and acknowledging what others have done to protect and preserve our freedoms. We need to do the same as well. That kind of honor is worth standing for.

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August 29, 2017

Andrew Takami Responds to Hurricane Harvey Devastation

The disastrous events in Houston have shown that the American people see more than divisive labels. In the affected areas, neighbors have come together to help each other, regardless of race or creed. That is the country that I am proud to have my children grow up in. Today, my family joins Hoosiers all over the state in sending our …

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August 14, 2017

US Senate Candidate Andrew Takami Responds To Incidents in Charlottesville

The events of Saturday continue to plague our minds. It struck a chord that runs deep in the fabric of our history. While many of us don’t think of prejudices as prevalent in today’s world, particularly in Indiana, they absolutely do exist here and elsewhere. As Americans, we’re all blessed to be in a land of opportunity. But the opportunity that we …

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August 10, 2017

US Senate Candidate Andrew Takami Responds To Todd Rokita’s Blockbuster Campaign Announcement

US Representative Todd Rokita announced his candidacy for US Senate Wednesday – on the steps of the capital – and in a video that sounded like a preview for an epic thriller movie.  The voiceover in the video stated Rokita witnessed hard-working people struggle because of the failed policies of the Washington elite, and Rokita knows he can fix Washington.  But here’s the problem …

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August 4, 2017

Healthcare: It’s Now Obvious Congress Was Looking For Votes, Not Solutions

In the latest failing to repeal and replace Obamacare, we saw Washington in all of its dysfunctional glory. For seven years Republicans campaigned and fought against Obamacare. At election rallies it was pointed at and called awful, a disaster and a train wreck. Obamacare, quite simply, was something that had to be replaced for the future prosperity of our country.  …

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August 1, 2017

Andrew Talks With IndyPolitics.org About His Campaign

  Recently I was able to sit down with Indy Politics and discuss the campaign and why I decided to run for the U.S. Senate. Click below to listen and find out why I believe I am running for the right reasons. Thanks again to the team at Indy Politics for taking the time to talk with me.

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July 28, 2017

US Senate Candidate Andrew Takami Remarks on Luke Messer Entering The Race And Shares Perspectives

    U.S. Senate candidate Andrew Takami issued the following statement to on Congressman Luke Messer entry into the U.S. Senate race and also shared what he believes Hoosiers expect from all hopefuls: “Our U.S. Senate race for Indiana has welcomed another candidate, Luke Messer. As the race intensifies, it becomes more important to take action on what will move …

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June 21, 2017

Bringing America’s Values to Our Future

As an administrator within Indiana’s higher education system for well over the past decade, it’s literally been part of my job to make sure that the young men and women of Indiana are more than properly prepared for their futures. Too often I see individuals of the “next” generation enter the workforce and adult life without the skill set or …

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