Dear Hoosiers,
It’s been a great year connecting with so many good people around our state. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many determined and creative leaders in our workforce. I want to see Indiana flourish across the board.
There is some added excitement with tax reform now at play and still so much we need to accomplish for our Hoosier neighbors. Tax reform has set the groundwork. Now, let’s see this through by furthering competitive innovation as we reduce spending at the federal level. This will empower career-ready education and workforce development while minimizing healthcare hurdles and a growing national deficit.
Let’s continue any momentum we have for 2018 with limited and careful spending as we approach our nation’s future with Americans as our first priority. We currently see where our inability or unwillingness to do so leads to an incapacity to further our education systems, provide the best healthcare possible, and empower career-readiness in our workforce.
We have just begun with decreased taxes, and it’ll take the right focus to see this through. Next comes less spending, competitive innovation, stronger states, meaningful education, and empowered communities with a sustainable approach that magnifies American sovereignty.
Please join our campaign and share this vision with others where America’s best days are still anticipated well into the future for generations to come. This is another year for Hoosiers to step up once again and take responsibility for leading this great nation!
In humble service,
Andrew B. Takami
Andrew Takami for U.S. Senate

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